Measuring the window space

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Measuring the Window Space

  1. Track / Pole width - this should extend beyond the window by 6"-8" (e) each side if possible. Measure the total length of the track from end to end. If using a pole measure between finials.
  2. Finished Length
    from the top of the pole or track to the desired finished length:
    b.i - to the window sill
    b.ii - to below the sill
    b.iii- to the floor
  3. Inside width of window recess
  4. Inside height of window recess
  5. Gap between window recess and end of track / pole (Track / Pole should extend beyond the window by 6" - 8" each side if possible).
  6. Top of track / pole to bottom of window
    Measure from the top of the track, or from the underside of the ring on a pole to the window sill.

Measuring for the Curtain Pole / Track width

Ensure you measure the full width of the curtain track or pole.

a.i - straight curtain track
a.ii - if the track overlaps you must include the overlap
a.iii - do not include the finials of the pole

Do's and Don'ts

  • All measurements are to be taken with a METAL TAPE as plastic or fabric may stretch.
  • Measure using consistent units (either inches OR centimetres but not both) please.
  • Double check all measurements.
  • Use the chart above to record your measurements.
  • Ensure that you check the measurements for the final length and the width in at least 3 different places and note down the smallest figure. Take into account - wall tiles, radiators, floor mats, uneven flooring etc.
  • All curtains are weighted in corners and joins, so allow for them to drop by at least 1cm depending on the fabric.
  • You will need to measure the exact area that the window treatment will cover. This could be floor to ceiling, wall to wall, or from just above the window frame to just below the sill with the width just outside the window frame. These are personal decisions determined by the look you want to achieve with your window treatment. Decide on where you want the top of the curtain to be and measure down to the desired length of the finished curtain - that's usually called the finished length.

Which measurements do I need for:

  • Your finished item will arrive tissue wrapped and boxed, ready to hang.
  • Postage and packaging will be added to all orders outside the local area.

Self measuring means that you take full responsibility for the finished size of your curtain or blind.